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"Take OWNERSHIP. I want people to understand that no matter the obstacle in front of you, success is an option, as long as you take ownership of your destiny. In my eyes, your LIFE is defined by how well you can adapt to the variables outside of your control. By leading by example, I can show them that HOPE is what drives us all by allowing them to witness the awesome feeling when HOPE turns into reality. At that time you have attained personal success. Now do it for your FAMILY, FRIENDS, and COMMUNITY."
Economic Development

Continue to work with existing and attract new employers that invest in our Urban Cores and throughout the state. Focused growth in our community with a Transit Oriented Design will not only bring revenue but also use our resources more efficiently and allow our city to lower property taxes while strengthening our public services in the community.


Taxes, Board Meetings and Budget Processes need to change. I will drive the use of town-halls that will not only inform the community but empower it. Being educated and having greater access to the process is what our country needs. I have focused my career on making sure all folks are invited to the table with one message: YOU MATTER.

Technology Investments

Utilizing technology to lower barriers between departments and processes will reduce the painstaking amount of time it takes to get work done. Then taking a step back to look at the analytics allows us to make data driven decisions. We need a clearer vision for our future and we need to use the data that tells us how we got here and where we need to go.


Our community is a vibrant and dynamic place we call home that is evolving daily. Yet we have some challenges around Diversity and Inclusion. It is time we focus on the causes of the lack of equity  and not just the symptoms. I will work with our community leaders to address the critical issues by building a vision that includes all of us.

Justice Reform

There is a need to invest in not only reform but the real issue; employment. I have a 3-pronged approach to address this;

  1. We have seen it time and time again that having access to a quality job that pays a living wage reduces violence in our city.

  2. Education is a key element in getting our youth out of the situations they are faced with and by partnering with our education systems we can provide real careers for folks with a future.

  3. Access to mental and physical health plays a critical role in our communities.  Justice is not a Omaha or Lincoln problem... it’s a Nebraska community problem.

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